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the health and fitness counterrevolution

feminist fitness and body image discussion

body positive
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This community fills a gap for those of us who'd like to discuss fitness (in the sense of fitness for whatever you want to be able to do with your body and life), body image and health issues without the usual gender & appearance BS (people of any gender are welcome, btw). It grew, almost accidentally, out of this post and this post from my own LJ. Use it as a support group. Use it to generate ideas. Use it to hold yourself accountable if you'd like.

Feel free to pose questions, post articles, or tell others about your physical goals or body image struggles. Whether you're just starting to see yourself as strong and beeyootiful or you have suggestions to help others, I hope you'll feel welcome here.

While we all fight this battle with ourselves and others, you are strongly discouraged from the following in posts and comments to this community:

using abusive language about your body or anyone else's

thinking of fitness in terms of weight, weightloss (most members of the community are anti-weightloss diet, btw), or body measurements (a goal of this list is to discuss "fitness without the numbers" - you might also want to read haes Health at Every Size)

generally being an asshat.

Your friendly neighborhood moderators keryx and cavlec will smack you down if you fail to show respect for this community's guidelines and your fellow posters.

We'll say this again, louder. THIS IS NOT A WEIGHT-LOSS SUPPORT COMMUNITY. If that is what you want, try weightloss - or please, just anywhere but here.

That said, come on in. New folk are encouraged to post something introducing themselves and their reasons for joining the community.

Glad to have you!